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300 Blackout AR Pistol Detailed Build Specs

300 Blackout AR Pistol Detailed Build Specifications

This is the first of a series of several posts we are going to do about our personal AR builds.  We will provide detailed parts lists and direct links to the parts that can be purchased on our site below.

As with most of our builds, we try to team up with companies that we are dealers for.  With this build, we decided to take advantage of the 26″ overall length end to end (measuring from the end of the pistol to the tip of the barrel threads – 26.5″) measurement to utilize a front vertical grip.  As with most of our builds, we prefer to use upper and lower receivers from the same company, in this case SLR Rifleworks, as it allows for a clean design since the “lines” match up.  This combo is arguably one of the best looking combos in the AR world.  We took this build one step further and used an SLR Rifleworks handrail too.  The 9.7 inch handrail pairs perfectly with the 10.5 barrel.  There is plenty of room to add the Silencerco Omega suppressor.  This was designed to be our “go-to” build due to the shorter length (10.5 inch barrel) and quietness of the suppressed 300 blackout round.  Stay tuned for the next showcase build.

This was also our first time using Ely Yerian (link below) to cerakote.  His Anubis gold is unlike no other out there; the pictures do not do much justice.  He offers top quality work with a good turn around time.  This is a relationship that we will continue to work with in the future.

We additionally use Gorilla Ammo in our suppressed applications.

300 Blackout AR Pistol Detailed Build Specifications. Parts list (with direct links to purchase on the website):

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