Elftmann Tactical Lightweight 3-gun AR-15 Trigger

If you haven’t made the switch to Elftmann Tactical triggers for your AR-15, especially their lightweight 3-gun model…I’m not sure what you’re waiting on!  We run Elftmann triggers in all of our AR-15s and they have some of the best customer service in the market.  The Elftmann Tactical Lightweight 3-gun AR-15 Trigger is the ONLY trigger made using aerospace grade sealed bearings, making for a smooth and fast trigger pull.  The skeletonized hammer combined with Elftmann’s exclusive .043 double wound polished piano wire hammer spring makes for an incredibly fast locked time.  The pull weight (2 3/4 lbs – 4 lbs) is so easy to adjust it can be done in seconds without have to remove the trigger from the lower receiver.  The 3-gun can be purchased with a curved or straight shoe.

The short take-up, glass-rod crisp break and next to zero over-travel can be compared to the best custom 1911 triggers.  The adjustability puts you in charge based on your preference.  If you are looking for the finest adjustable trigger for your AR-15, the Elftmann 3-gun is the trigger system for you.

Product Features

  • Drop-Safe
  • Pull Weight Half that of Factory Trigger
  • Will Fit All Mil-Spec AR15s
  • Flexible from 4 lbs to 2 ½ lbs, no expectation of expelling from lower usage
  • Two-Fold Twisted Sledge Spring
  • Short Draw & Reset
  • Reinforced Trigger
  • Excellent Sledge Heading
  • Needle Trigger Allows for Smooth, Safe Shooting
  • Bespoke Configuration Uses Full 1/4th Width
  • Crafted from Airplane Grade Aluminum & Solidified Steel
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA

Check out the Elftmann Tactical Lightweight 3-gun AR-15 Trigger and other products here.  Message us if you have any questions!

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