Blitzkrieg AR-15 Chevron Front Sight Post w/ Tool



  • Black Nitride Matte Finish
  • Bold, Fast Sight Picture
  • Precision Aiming Point
  • Drops into any AR-15 Front Sight Housing
  • Stainless Steel Sight Adjustment Tool included – 416 stainless steel with a black oxide finish
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This is the newest model of our Black Chevron which has a thinner chevron to cover less of the target. Chevron is .05″ thick instead of .08″ thick providing a very sharp, clean sight picture.

The Blitzkrieg Components AR-15 Chevron Front Sight Post (Patented) provides the ultimate iron sight picture with both a perfectly sharp aiming point and a bold, fast, easy to see sight picture. The perfect blend of speed and precision. The Chevron design has many unique advantages. The tip of the chevron gives the shooter a sharp aiming point for precise aiming and high confidence on difficult shots, while the bold chevron shape is easy to see and pick up quickly without obscuring the target. The Chevron Shape makes for an improved sight picture with any type of protective wings, whether using standard wings, semi-hooded HK/Troy style, fully hooded, Magpul MBUS or diamond shaped. This sight post improves the sight picture of all of those designs.

This sight post is made to the highest standards. It is precision machined from billet 416 stainless steel to the tightest tolerances for an outstanding sight picture and precise fit in any AR-15 front sight housing. The finish is black melonite finish. Each sight post comes with a billet machined stainless steel sight adjustment tool that also has a black oxide matte finish making installation and adjustment a snap.

* Includes Sight Tool. Our Sight Tool is needed to fit our Chevron Sights. A standard sight tool will not fit over the chevron. So you can use our sight tool or a bullet tip to adjust for elevation. We offer this sight with the sight tool at a discount. We also offer our chevron sights without the sight tool in case you want multiple sights but only one tool.

* Chevron Height is 0.25″

* Fits into any AR-15 Front Sight Housing that uses a standard threaded post – Any Mil-Spec fixed front sight gas block or aftermarket front sight housings made by companies such as Troy, Daniel Defense, Diamond Head, PRI, Magpul, Mid West Ind, Samson, GG&G, YHM, and any others that utilize the standard AR-15 post design. Fits Magpul MBUS, but does not fit the new MBUS Pro. Does not fit LWRC Skirmish sights due to 11 o’clock position of detent.

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AR Chevron Front Sight

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