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Trident Weaponry is proud to offer high quality new and re-manufactured ammunition. They use new factory projectiles for all of their pistol and rifle ammunition. All of their once fired brass is run through a complete refurbishment process and is hand inspected to ensure only the best product makes it to the loading line. All ammunition is loaded according to factory specifications for powder charge, bullet depth and cartridge length on Dillon Precision Machines and then tested to ensure accuracy and performance. They then hand inspect every loaded round to ensure that only the highest quality ammunition is provided to our customers.

They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on all of our ammunition. Trident Weaponry’s re-manufactured ammunition is a great way for customers to get their ammunition at a great price without sacrificing quality.


Ryan, the Owner of Full Auto Coatings has never had the world handed to him. He was not born with a silver spoon. But, he was taught dedication and hard work. First from his Parents, then by the Marine Corps.  He started this company to fill a void that people have when they look at a plain black firearm and want to set themselves apart from the herd. Be a voice, not an echo! Together, we can be different.


SEPS LLC is a full service Prepper consulting firm established in March 2013 .  The name is an acronym for Survival and Emergency Preparedness Skills and is based on the 2012 book of the same name, by SEPS LLC co-founder Jay Blevins. Our motto at SEPS LLC is”Semper Paratus”, which is Latin for “Always ready, or Always prepared”.  SEPS LLC was formed in order to teach people about the importance of survival and emergency preparedness skills and help clients incorporate it into their lives.  SEPS LLC caters to any and all clients regardless of where they are on their particular journey.  From the curious or beginners, to the seasoned and experienced preppers, SEPS LLC meets clients at their level in order to provide personalized consultation and services.

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