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Product Spotlight – Fortis Mfg Hammer 5.56

Looking to upgrade the charging handle to that AR-15?  You need to checkout the Fortis Mfg Hammer 5.56 Charging Handle.  The Fortis Mfg Hammer 5.56 Charging Handle is available in black teflon and nickelene.  The new Fortis Mfg Hammer 5.56 charging handle stays true to their brand.  Fortis Mfg engineers, designs, & develops military grade accessories that look good and functions great.  Tested and evaluated by industry professionals, then put to the test by people in the military and law enforcement community.  Fortis Mfg continuously refined our design and came up with the Hammer™.  So charge your rifle, drop the Hammer, and go!  Introducing the black teflon and the nickelene finish Fortis Mfg Hammer 5.56 Charging Handles.  The slick finish is smooth and gives the already durable charging handle a unique finish that’s not common in the market today.  Check our Instagram page, @gorilla_arms_llc to see pictures of Fortis Mfg Hammer 5.56 Teflon on our 300 Black SBR Build.

Brief Product Description:

  • Machined from 7075 T6 Billet aluminum
  • The robust design as well as aggressive serrations on the latch and body support use with either shooting gloves or without
  • Redesigned the back stop for the latch, so stress is taken off the roll pin
  • Finished in Nickelene™: Rockwell hardness – 45C, low co-efficient of friction, excellent lubricity characteristics
  • 1.5 oz – durable, yet extremely light

*Do not close slam the bolt closed when there is no barrel attached. This could damage your charging handle and warranty may not apply.

**The finish isn’t a true black anodized color.  It’s a nickel teflon and has metallic grey properties.  We believe it to be darker than gunmetal grey, yet not a true black.

Information on Fortis Mfg:

Fortis MFg’s aim is to provide “Operator” needed strength with exceptional design and aesthetics at an affordable price.  Fortis Mfg is passionate about bringing the best AR15/M16 products to market.  Fortis Manufacturing, Inc. (FMI), utilizes only the highest quality materials available and machining that is second to none.

Every product designed by FMI™ undergoes a strenuous testing and evaluation period with a diverse group of select professionals. Feedback is collected at the end of the testing period and evaluated.  If design changes are warranted, further samples are constructed and sent back out for further testing. It is not until all issues have been resolved and all feedback has been addressed that a product is considered ready for production.

It is this philosophy that ensures each product will meet or exceed the heavy demands of the professionals who use them.

All parts minus (morale patches) are made in America.

Check our selection of Fortis Mfg Hammer 5.56 Charging Handles and other charging handles we currently offer.  Message us if you have any questions!